1. Go to your Events page.
  2. Click New Event.
  3. Fill in the details of the actual event. If this is for a team registration, the dates will typically be the same as when the registration is open.
  4. In STEP 3 select Allow On-Line Reg; Connect to eReg System.
  5. Scroll to the bottom and click Save Changes.
  6. Click [Edit] under the newly created event.
  7. Click [eReg Setup] under STEP 3.
  8. This will open the Event Registration setup in a new window. Note at the top how the Event Association is hard wired from your Event Title.
  9. Make sure to set Turn on for Registration to YES, or if you are not ready to activate it, return here later and set it to YES when ready.
  10. Fill in the rest of your eReg system.
  11. Once you have created your registration system and clicked Save Changes on the final Fees Setuppage you will be brought back to your event edit page. Continue to fill in the rest of your event and Save Changes.
  12. Notice there is now a Register Online button below the event. People will click this to register for the event.
TO MANAGE - You have two options
  1. Manage (or edit) through editing the event.
    1. Click [Edit] under your event.
    2. Click [eReg Manage] under STEP 3.
  2. Manage through Registration Admin
    1. In the side menu, click System Admin > Registration Admin > Event Reg Admin.
    2. Click Manage next to your event. Important: make sure it's ON. You can click its title to edit if needed.