When finding and resolving credit card failures:

  • The payment type is changed from Credit Card to Check.
  • The card will not be recharged in the following months.

Take the steps below to find and pay the monthly balance:

  1. From the left navigation menu, click Business Tools > Invoices and Payments.
  2. Click Overview > Class Monthly Report.
  3. Search for the month/year, and for Pay Status select Not Paid.
  4. Under CC Message, you will see the error messages for that account. 
  5. Click Add/Change CC to add a new credit card to the account.
  6. From here you can either add/select a CC or enter a check payment.
    1. If paying by credit card:
      1. From Payment Type, select Credit Card.
      2. If there is another valid card, click Use this card. If you need to enter a new card, click +Add New Card > enter a new card/billing information > Next.
    2. If paying by check:
      1. From Payment Type, select Check.
      2. Enter the check number.
  7. Click Pay Now > OK to confirm.