Admin Level - Email/Print/Calendar

We encourage you and your admins and coaches to frequently post to the Social Feed to keep your club engaged. All admin levels can do this, from Email/Print/Calendar on up. You can add a Social Feed post in GoMotion Mobile or the website.

  1. In the side menu click Team Tools > Social Feed.
  2. Click the Share something with your team... field at the top.
  3. Click in the same field in the new Post to Feed window, then type your message. You may add a #hashtag to the post so that those who tap it in GoMotion Mobile will see all posts in Twitter with that #hashtag.
    Post to Feed
  4. Click Edit by SHARE TO to set which groups and social websites see your post. Share To settings
    1. If you want to target certain member groups, first set the Share this post as Public? switch to NO, then click in the Member Group field and select which member groups you want to tag.
    2. Same thing for Location if you want tag certain locations.
    3. By default, the Share this post as Public? switch is set to YES so that anyone visiting your GoMotion site to see the post. Click it to set it to NO so that only those who are logged in will see the post, and to potentially target certain Member Groups and Locations.
    4. Click the Facebook switch to YES to simultaneously post to your club's Facebook page. Same with the Twitter switch.
      • The first time you select either one, you will need to Connect to your Club's Facebook or Twitter page. Just follow the prompts. Once completed, all you will need to do for future posts is tap the Facebook or Twitter switch.
      • Click Settings to change which FB page to post to or to disconnect from the Facebook or Twitter page.
    5. Click Done Editing in the upper right when finished with the sharing settings.
  5. You may optionally click ADD ATTACHMENTS in the lower left to add an attachment, then click the attachment type. If you want to record a voice note or take a photo/video on the spot, use GoMotion Mobile because it lets you access your mobile device's camera and microphone. (Note: Dragging and dropping a photo or video does not work at this time. This will be fixed in an upcoming release.)
    Share To settings
    • VOICE NOTE — Attach an encouraging word you've recorded with some other app. Navigate to the audio file and double click it.
    • PHOTO — Navigate to a photo and double click it.
    • VIDEO — Navigate to a video file and double click it.
    • PRACTICE — A list of Practices will appear. Either double click one, or drag and drop it to the ATTACHMENTS area.
    • SCRAPBOOK — A list of ScrapBooks you built in GoMotion Mobile will appear. Either double click one, or drag and drop it to the ATTACHMENTS area.
    • CLOSE — Cancel adding item.
  6. Click Post in the lower right when finished and it will show in the Social Feed both in GoMotion Mobile and your club site.
  7. For users who allowed notifications from GoMotion Mobile when they installed it, they will see a push notification on their mobile device that they can tap to see the post.

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