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When you set your tablet (currently available on iPad only) to Kiosk Mode so that parents can check in their kids, it is vitally important to secure it so that people can't use other apps or worse. There are two ways to do this. The first is more secure, and the second is easier to set up.

You will need to load this help article on your Mac or another device or print it, as you won't be able to completely follow it on your iPad.

Single App Mode (recommended)

SportsEngine highly recommends setting your tablet to single app mode, as it is the most secure. It requires a Mac computer to set up. Note that this procedure completely reformats the iPad. It's designed for it to be a dedicated Kiosk check-in device.

  1. Download Apple Configurator 2on a Mac (does not exist for Windows).
    1. Help:
  2. Connect iPad to Mac via a USB cable. Make sure the iPad is on the home screen rather than SE Studio Mobile.
  3. Right click the iPad in the Configurator and select Advanced > Start Single App Mode...
    Start Single App Mode menu
  4. You will get a dialog saying the iPad is not supervised. Click Prepare.
    Click Prepare
  5. Manual Configuration > Next
  6. Do not enroll in MDM > Next
  7. Apple ID: Skip (do NOT enter credentials)
  8. Enter your organization's data > Next
  9. Generate a new supervision identity > Next
  10. Language, Region, Keyboard > Prepare
  11. Erase (reformats)
  12. Go through setup steps
  13. Can’t put into supervised mode and then restore from a backup, because then it will be unsupervised again.
  14. Advanced > Start single app
  15. Select GoMotion > Select
  16. Once it launches GoMotion, unplug device
  17. In GoMotion Mobile, tap > Kiosk Mode.
  18. Single App Mode (Recommended) is selected by default. Tap OK.

Guided Access Mode

Since this mode is less secure, SportsEngine recommends using it only if you do not have access to a Mac computer. It is less secure because people can exit Kiosk mode if they can guess your passcode.

  1. From the iPad home screen, tap Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access > turn on, enter passcode. This locks device into current app.
  2. Select GoMotion.
  3. In GoMotion Mobile, tap > Kiosk Mode.
  4. Select Guided Access Mode and tap OK.
  5. Press home three times rapidly (triple "click").
  6. Options > Disable sleep, volume, time limit, enable the other three
  7. Triple click home to exit guided access.
  8. If you forget your guided access passcode: