Here is a quick walk through of a few of the core functions and features of the GoMotion Mobile application.

Log in to the app using the same email and password you use for your organization's GoMotion website. You can only register on your org's website.

If you have any further questions, need help with the application, feedback or anything else please click Help & Training > Contact My Team or Contact Us on your GoMotion organization's website to reach an org admin. 

Navigation Tips

GoMotion Mobile Navigation

  • Tap or Swipe right to access the Menu.
  • Tap to expand/collapse the Menu.
  • Long press and drag to rearrange Menu items.

Note: The top Menu item will be your home screen at login.

Practice Attendance

GoMotion Mobile Practice Attendance

  • Tap Practices & Videos > Practice History.
  • Tap an athlete's name to view their practice attendance.
  • Tap arrows to see your other athletes.


Event Sign Up

GoMotion Mobile Event Sign Up

  • Tap Events.
  • Tap RSVP for desired event.
  • Tap athlete's name.
  • Tap Yes, please or No, thanks.
  • Add Notes if desired.
  • Tap SAVE CHANGES when finished.

Job Sign Up

GoMotion Mobile Event Sign Up

Signup by Event

  • Tap Job Manager.
  • Tap desired event.
  • Tap desired job.
  • Tap desired time slot.
  • Tap Signup.
  • Tap Me if you will work the job, or OTHER if someone else will and enter their phone number.