You must have Financial Admin Full Access privileges to do this.

To view credit card transactions, go to SE Payments Payouts.

  1.  From the left navigation menu click Business Tools > SE Payments > SE Payments Payouts.

From here you may:

  1. Select a starting and ending date range. The default is the last 30 days.
  2. Filter by invoice Status (Canceled, Paid, Failed, Pending). Default is All.
  3. Select which columns to view on the screen.
  4. Export the currently displayed data set to an Excel Spreadsheet. It always includes all columns.
  5. Click a column header to sort by that column. Click again to sort in descending order.
  6. Click anywhere in a row to view all the transactions in that payout batch. You can customize and sort columns here as well.
    Payout Detail

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