To challenge a Chargeback, please fill out our Chargeback Dispute Form and submit it within one week of the notice.

What are chargebacks?

Chargebacks occur when a registrant disputes a payment made to your organization with the card provider.

The registrant's card provider withdraws the funds without authorization from SE Payments and returns them to the registrant.

An email notification of the situation is sent to your Organization's Billing Contact and the disputing account holder. 

What can your Organization do about a Chargeback?

  • Contact the registrant and explain the charges, so that the registrant may contact their card provider to reverse the chargeback. Alternatively, they can make the payment to your organization again.
  • Contact SportsEngine within one week of the chargeback notice, so we may dispute the chargeback to our Merchant Account Provider.
    • Chargeback decision reversal is up to to the registrant's card provider.

For up to 30 days following the first notice of the Chargeback, we allow Organizations to hold onto funds paid out to them as a result of the Registrant’s initial payment.  If the re-attempted payment has not occurred within  30 days, we will schedule a withdrawal of those funds from your organization. We will then send another email notification to your Billing Contact and the registrant before the actual withdrawal.