Frequently Asked Questions for Point of Sale

Q: If I have more than one location, can I set a different sales tax rate for each specific location?
A: No, the sales tax rate is set at the organization level and is applied to all store locations.

On a related note, if you have an item(s) that are not taxable, you can flag the specific item as “tax-exempt” within the item detail screen for that item.

Q: Can I pay for my classes and competitive using the POS system?
A: Currently, we do not offer the ability to do this.

Q: When will I see an inventory alert?
A: Inventory SKU alerts will display when the current inventory quantity is less than the total SKU sales for the previous seven days. You will see this on your “home” dashboard “top Inventory Alerts” widget for each store location. 

Q: Do GUEST transactions appear in my Invoice and Payment Reports for POS?
A: Yes, Financial Reports include GUEST transactions. The account name appears as POS, Guests.

Q: Can I use my existing POS equipment?
A: Yes, if it is a Verifone® P400 Card Reader (website) or BBPOS Chipper™ 2X BT (mobile) from Stripe. Those are the only two terminal types that are supported on your GoMotion POS store.

Q: Can I use the Chipper to pay for transactions on the website, or can I use the Verifone to pay for transactions on the mobile app?
A: No, if you start transactions on the mobile app, you need to use the Chipper. If you start transactions on the website, you need to use the Verifone.

Q: What are the transaction fees that I will be paying for each transaction that I do within my POS store?
A: You will be charged the same fees that you are currently charged based on the payment method that you are selecting. There is no additional fee for using the terminal to process your transaction.

Q: If I am having difficulties with my Verifone® P400 Card Reader (website) or BBPOS Chipper™ 2X BT (mobile), what should I do?
A: First, troubleshoot your issue using the Stripe help documentation. If you are still not able to resolve the issue, please contact Support.