Only a Superuser can modify these.

There are Account Access Settings and Classes Access Settings sections in each account.

NOTE: If you change someone's access settings who are logged in, including your own, that person will need to sign out and sign back in to see the changes take effect.

To change any of these settings:

  1. From the left navigation menu, click Org or Team Tools > Accounts.

  2. Click an account's name (this can also be done when adding an account).

  3. Change any of the desired Account Access Settings.

  4. When finished, click Save.

Account Status

This is not an admin level but determines if an account can sign in or not. See Account and Member Status definitions.

Admin Level

This gives overall access to areas of the system besides those covered by the other admin dropdowns. You generally set someone to at least Email/Print/Calendar to give them Admin access and possibly other admin dropdowns. However, you can make them strictly a Class Admin, for example.

  • Not an admin β€” Gives private access to one's account. They can view billing and service hours and edit their primary contact information but cannot edit any of their Admin Levels or turn off their membership.

  • Email/Print/Calendar β€” The basic admin privilege, which includes Not an admin function. Most account and member information are hidden. Perfect for helping admins and volunteers manage communications (including adding Social Feed posts), reporting, and committing members to events.

  • Webmaster/Event - In addition to both Not an admin and Email/Print/Calendar privilege levels, Webmaster/Event can control website content, including Social Feed and Org Resources. The webmaster is also an Event Signup Admin who manages all event signup activities, including the ability to sign up other accounts for jobs.

  • Superuser - Almost every feature is available, except Billing, Service Hours Admin, and particular video and practice tools. Limiting this level to only a few key team members, but no less than two. This level can:

    • Access Registration Admin, Class Admin, and Fundraising Admin

    • Take attendance

    • View and edit everything in Accounts and Members

    • Edit and delete Social Feed posts

    • And edit Org Profile & Settings.

Class Admin

  • Limited Access - This level has access to the following tabs: Settings, Classes, Students, Instructors. The following limitations apply:

    • The Settings tab is view only.

    • No access to financials.

    • No ability to apply checks or refunds (except when moving a student to another class).

  • Intermediate Access - Can do everything the Limited Access level can with these additional abilities.

    • Access to the Heat Map tab (if applicable.)

    • View invoices and account history.

    • Edit Student profile.

  • Full Access - Full access to all areas of the Classes System, the same as a Superuser.

Fundraising Admin

Appears only on sites with the Fundraising platform.

  • Intermediate and Limited Access has the same privileges.

    • View Event Fundraising Setup with the added ability to upload event documents.

    • View Event Results

    • Setup incentives

    • Send Event Promotions

  • Full Access - The account can fully manage the Fundraising module.

Class Account Status

This is not an admin level; it determines a Class Account's status for class enrollment for students and recurring billing status.

Financial Admin

People can have Read Only ("look but don't touch") or Full Access to all areas in Billing Admin only. This includes Service Hours Admin. Read Only is handy for Board Members, while Full Access is helpful for the Treasurer or Accountant.

Coaching Tools Access

  • Assistant Coach - In addition to video creation abilities, can schedule/edit their competitive practices and view others' practices.

  • Head Coach - Has full access to all Coaching Tools and can edit practices others create.

Class Instructor

This checkbox is under the Classes Access Settings section. When checked, the account can:

  • Be assigned as an instructor to classes.

  • Take attendance for classes they are assigned to.

When assigned to classes, they appear on the Classes > Class Registration page under Instructors.

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