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How to Resize Images to Correct Aspect Ratio
How to Resize Images to Correct Aspect Ratio
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When talking about how big specific images need to be, some of our articles say they need to be a particular aspect ratio. This is a width-to-height ratio, such as 16:9 for big-screen TVs. The slideshow requires photos to have a 5:2 aspect ratio. The Command buttons require photos to have a 16:9 aspect ratio.

You will need to crop and resize your images to fit this ratio.

Calculate Aspect Ratio

First, let's find the aspect ratio to calculate the needed height for a given width.

The following aspect ratio calculator can be used to determine what the aspect ratio should be:

  1. Enter the aspect ratio in the W1 and H1 fields, such as 5 and 2.

  2. Enter the image width in the W2 field, such as 2000.

  3. It will automatically enter the correct height in the H2 field, in this case, 800.

  4. Crop your photo using the W2 and H2 numbers and save it.

  5. It is now ready for upload to the site.

Crop Image to an Aspect Ratio

This tool allows you to crop an image using the aspect ratio.

  1. Click Upload your photo and open the image you want to crop.

  2. To the right of your uploaded image, from the Resize for drop-down, choose Custom.

  3. Enter the correct width and height.

  4. If desired, adjust the image scale.

  5. When satisfied with how your image appears, right-click and Save Image As.

  6. Save the cropped image to your computer.

  7. The image is now ready to upload to the site.

Resizing an Image with Pixlr X

Pixlr X is a free tool that allows you to resize images saved to your PC or from a URL.

  1. Navigate to Pixlr X.

  2. Upload your image, either by clicking Open Image --OR-- Load URL.

  3. A screen appears that allows you to "Pre-Size" the image. Enter the "New Size" with the pixel height in the first box and the pixel width in the second.

  4. Click Apply.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Click Save As.

  7. If desired, update the file name and choose where you would like the image to be saved. Click Save.

  8. The image is now ready to upload to the site.

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