When creating a coupon for a class, various options should be considered.

  • Coupon Title — Your internal identification.

  • Coupon Code — The code given to accounts to enter at checkout.

  • Start Date — The date an account can start using the coupon.

  • Expiration Date — The coupon will expire (cannot be used) on the date you input. If you do not want the coupon to expire, set the date far into the future.

  • Discounted by— Choose either a flat dollar amount or a percentage of the class fee.

    • This will discount the Class Fee ONLY.

    • The amount discounted will never exceed the class fee. If the fee is $10 and the coupon is for $25, the net fee will be $0, NOT -$15.

    • For prorated percentage discounts, the discount is applied to the prorated amount.

  • 1X Use — Check if you only want accounts to be able to use it once.

  • Not to Exceed — Enter the maximum dollar amount that can apply (generally used in conjunction with Percentage of Class Fee).

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