The Class Marketing feature automatically creates a Programs tab on your website frontend with a subtab displaying each program you offer, making it easier to find classes. It also creates an Instructors page that automatically pulls the name, email, bio, and photo from each instructor's profile.

Programs menu

Each Program page displays the image and description for that program, images, and descriptions for the Sub Programs within it, and Register Now links that take users to the appropriate section within the Class Registration page.

Class Programs page

Here is how to set them up.

  1. Upload new images with a 5:1 aspect ratio (at least 1200x240 pixels) to all your Programs and Sub Programs (make sure to use a 5:1 ratio, and not 5:2 like the example in the article).

  2. We recommend writing descriptions for all those Programs and Sub Programs as well.

If you update your Programs or Sub Programs, those frontend pages automatically update. If there are no classes for a Sub Program, it automatically disappears from its Program page. The Program page will also automatically disappear if there are no Sub Programs or Classes under it.

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