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Point of Sale Admin Access Levels
Point of Sale Admin Access Levels
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You must have Super User privileges to assign administrative access.

Within Admin Account Access your organization needs to assign who has access to the Point of Sale feature.

Point of Sale Admin

  • Admin Level - must be set to Email/Print/Calendar or higher to activate the options for Point of Sale Admin.

  • Point of Sale Admin- there are three options to select from:

    • Inventory/Items Only - Has access to create/manage items and inventory management

    • Sales Only - This access level has access to sales and orders only, allowing the user to do new sales and returns.

    • Full Access - Account can fully manage Point of Sale.

  • POS Location Access Control -You can select what location(s) the user will have access to.

    • Full Access POS Admin - Will automatically have access to all locations.

    • Sales Only and Inventory/Items Only POS Admin - You can select what locations the user will have access to - with an option for all locations.

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