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Parents - Review Your Organization from the Mobile Homepage
Parents - Review Your Organization from the Mobile Homepage
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Reviews are a great way to let others know how the participants within an organization feel about their experiences. This feature can be accessed at any time through the navigation menu and can sometimes appear in the Home Dashboard if your organization is trying to build up their online presence.

To leave a review:

  1. Open the Mobile App and Sign-in.

  2. Open the navigation menu by tapping the hamburger icon.

  3. Tap Provide Feedback.

    • If your organization requests your review, a notification icon appears to this option’s right.

  4. Make sure to choose the correct "location," then tap Awesome or Not so great…

    • After tapping “Awesome”, tap the Review us on Google or Review us on Facebookoptions to open a mobile browser window to post on the organization’s Google Business page or Facebook.

      • If leaving a Facebook review, be sure to set the post “Public”.

    • If you tap “Not so great…” you are presented with the option to give feedback.

  5. Once you’ve finished what you’d like the organization to know, tap Send Feedback.

  6. Once you have left a review, you may hide the Provide Feedback widget.

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