Who is eligible to take attendance for a practice:

  • A Super User can take attendance for practices they create.

  • An Assistant Coach can take attendance for a practice they create or are assigned to by a head coach.

  • A Head Coach can take attendance for all practices.

To take attendance:

  1. In the upper left corner, tap the hamburger icon > Attendance to open the navigation menu.

  2. Tap the blue clipboard icon.

  3. Select the "Roster Group" and "Location".

  4. Tap Take Attendance Now.

    • You can take attendance in bulk by selecting the athletes with the same state. Next, tap Take Attendance.

    • To take an individual's attendance, to the right of the member, under State, tap the icon to record attendance.

  5. Choose the "state".

    • I - In

    • O - Out

    • E - Excused Absence

    • 1/4 - One Quarter

    • 1/2 - One Half

    • 3/4 - Three Quarter

  6. When finished, tap Done to save.

You may also add notes or send a message to any member while taking attendance. Simply tap the checkbox next to their name and tap the button with the corresponding action at the bottom of your screen.

If you prefer to not have a practice calendar event created for your On-Demand Practices, go to Business Tools > Org Profile & Settings > General. This setting is enabled by default.

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