1. Open the mobile app and sign in.

  2. In the top left corner, tap the hamburger icon

  3. In the slide-out menu tap My Finances > Wallet.

  4. From your wallet, you can add, replace or delete cards saved to your account. Tap Add New Card, Replace (pencil), or Delete (trash can) depending on what you'd like to do.

  5. If adding or replacing a card, fill out the form as needed and Save it. If deleting the card, confirm the deletion.

  6. Tap Save Changes.

On-Demand Payments: Added electronic payment methods will automatically be assigned as the preferred option for on-demand payments. You can elect what payment option you would like to use for on-demand payments if you have more than one. You MUST have one electronic payment option selected for on-demand payments if there is one in your wallet.

Auto-Payments: You can select what option you would like to use for auto-pay. You can enable this by toggling on the enroll in auto-pay. Once you have enrolled, you can select what payment option you want to use for auto payments.

RECOMMENDED: enroll in auto-pay to ensure that your posted charges are paid automatically saving you time and eliminating possible late fee charges.

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