1. From the left navigation menu, tap Membership > Billing Manager.

  2. Find the account you would like to add a charge item to. You can search first name, last name, or a combination of both.

  3. Tap on the name to go to the individual ledger or click on the actions icon.

  4. Tap + Charge.

  5. Enter the charge title and note.

  6. If you need to update the date this charge will be billed, under “Due Date”, tap the pencil icon and choose a new date.

  7. Tap + Charge Item.

  8. Next, add the Charge Item, and a description. Choose “Charge” type and associate the Charge Category. Finally, add the amount of the Charge Item.

  9. Charges, Discounts and Coupons will all work as they do on the web.

    1. Charges will add an amount due to the user. (Note: You must have a charge before you can apply a discount or coupon)

    2. Discounts will subtract an amount from the balance. They can be created as a percentage, or a dollar amount by using the drop-down in the “Amount” box.

    3. Coupons will subtract a dollar amount from the balance.

  10. Add as many charge items as you need to, repeating step 7 as many times as necessary.

  11. If you need to edit a charge item, simply tap on the specific item, edit it and save. You can also delete an item as well if you need to.

  12. When finished, tap Create to add to the account without making a payment or tap Create & Pay... and follow through with the payment processing.

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