This functionality is only available on the web. Videos that haven’t been watched in more than two years, will be deleted. Make sure any videos that you wish to keep, are downloaded. Keep in mind - this will not affect your videos within Social Feed or regular pages of your website.

  1. Navigate to the Video Library. The new page that loads will default to the General Videos category tab.

  2. Select the category tab that you uploaded your video to; General, Member, Practice, and Class, or you may choose recent if it is one of the last 20 videos uploaded to the video library.

    • Once in your category tab, utilize custom filters, saved filters, and the search function to find your video quickly and easily.

  3. Click the checkbox underneath the video thumbnail to select it to download.

    • Note: You will only be able to select and download one video at a time.

  4. Click Download.

Who Can Download Video?

  • Head Coaches: Can download all videos.

  • Assistant Coaches: Can download any video uploaded by them.

  • Parents cannot download videos.

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