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How to Create/Manage Command Buttons
How to Create/Manage Command Buttons
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Command buttons are large buttons on a page that highlight important pages and take the user to them when clicked. To access them:

  1. In the side menu, click Website Design.

  2. Using the horizontal menu on the top of the screen, find the page you would to add the Command Buttons.

  3. Click the Command Buttons overlay.

    Command Buttons overlay
  4. Follow the set of instructions based on what Choose Display Type is set to: Simple or Image Thumbnail.

    Button Group, Display Type

Add or Edit Buttons — Simple

  1. Click a button to edit, or click + Add Button.

  2. Button Text: The text label on the button.

  3. Button Color: Defaults to the color theme when no color is selected.

  4. Icon: Either choose a built-in icon that picks up the Text & Icon Color, or upload your own icon image that stays its own color. Below are the dimensions for uploaded icons. Note that long Button Text labels and/or Link More Text may crop or hide the icon.

    • Template, icon dimensions in pixels, aspect ratio
      Business: 58x58, 1:1
      Classic: 58x58, 1:1
      Clean: 58x58, 1:1
      Minimal: 61x61, 1:1

  5. Text & Icon Color: Click Select or the colored box to change the color of the Button Text, and the icon when using a built-in icon.

  6. Link More Text: Appears as smaller text below the Button Text (Clean template only).

  7. On Click Link to: Enter the URL that clicking the button will take a user to, or click the page icon and select a page on your site.

  8. Open Link in: If you are linking to an external site, we recommend clicking the New Window radio button; otherwise, leave it as Same Window.

  9. Click Save.

  10. Click Close.

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