How to Add a Charge Item
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  1. From the left navigation menu, click Business Tools > Billing Manager.

  2. Find the account to add the charge item to, by searching the first name, last name, or a combination of both.

  3. Click on the name to go to the individual ledger.

  4. Click + Charge...

  5. Enter the charge title and description.

  6. To update the date this charge will be billed, under “Due Date”, click the gray pencil icon and choose a new date.

  7. Next, add the Charge Item, and a description. Choose the Type from the drop-down menu and associate the Charge Category. Finally, add the amount of the Charge Item.

    • Charges will add an amount due to the user.

    • Discounts will subtract an amount from the balance. They can be created as a percentage, or a dollar amount by using the drop-down in the “Amount” box.

    • Coupons will subtract a dollar amount from the balance.

  8. Add as many charge items as needed, following the same method in step 7.

  9. When finished, click Create Charge to add to the account without making a payment. If payment has been received, click Create Charge & Pay... and follow through with the payment processing.

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