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  • The SE Payments Transactions Report filters payments based on the date/time the payment was initiated.

  • The SE Payments Payouts Report filters payments based on the date/time the payout was batched.

  • Credit card refunds are debited from the amount of the next deposit.

To reconcile a deposit with a payout in SE Payments Payouts:

  1. From the left navigation menu, click Business Tools > SE Payments Payouts.

  2. Enter the date range where:

    • "From" is two days prior to the deposit date.

    • "To" is the date of the deposit.

  3. Click the payout that matches your bank deposit to open the Payout Detail and see all the transactions within it.

Payout Detail

From the Payment Detail:

Payment Detail screen
  1. View the amount of the deposit.

  2. Review the totals for:

    • Credit card transactions

    • ACH Transactions

    • Payments

    • Refunds

    • Fees

  3. View each transaction that made up this deposit.

  4. Export the deposit to Excel.

  5. Customize the columns to show information relevant to you.

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