How to Bring Balances Over From a Previous System
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First, you may want to create a Charge Category called "Balance Forward" and apply charges or credits to that.

  1. Go to Business Tools > Billing Setup > Charge Categories.

  2. Click Add New.

  3. Name the Charge Category "Balance Forward".

  4. Click Save Changes

The alternative is to bring in multiple invoice items and apply them to the corresponding charge category (meet fees, dues, etc.).

Next, you'll want to input the balance forwards for each family. If a family owes you money then create a New Charge; if they have a Credit Balance create a New Credit. To create an invoice or credit,

  1. Go to Business Tools > Billing Manager.

  2. Use the search, or filter to find the accounts. Place a checkmark to the left of one or many accounts.

  3. Click Action > Bulk Post Charges or Bulk Post Credits.

  4. Fill out the information required on the screen, taking care to choose the charge category created for "Balance Forwards."

    • If issuing a charge, you can choose Also Post Payments to charge right away using each account's preferred payment method.

    • If issuing a credit, you can decide to restrict the credit to a specific charge category or apply the credit to any outstanding charges.

  5. If issuing a charge, click Post Charges or Post Charges and Pay. If issuing a credit, click Post Credits.

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