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When importing into MeetManager, use File > Import > Entries instead of the Roster option.

  1. From the left navigation menu click Org / Team Tools > Members.

  2. Set any desired filters using Customize Filters and click Done

  3. Check the box next to the “Last Name” column header to select all

  4. Click Export > Export SDIF and you will get the following message: “This SDIF Export is for the Meet Host to import Rosters into Meet Manager. From within Meet Manager, please ask the Meet Host to use: [File >> Import >>Entries] to import and IGNORE the Exception Report.”

  5. Enter the Age update.

  6. Click Generate

  7. Follow the directions to save the zip folder to your computer

  8. If MM is on a different computer, you will need to transfer the file to that computer

  9. No other differences will occur on the MM side and the host can proceed as normal with importing your event entry file.

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