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If an athlete transfers to your team from another club that uses our software, and their Swimmer ID card is the same, their times transfer over to your club. There are exceptions - such as if they transfer from a seasonal, non-USA swimming team, to a USA Swimming team.

For those coming from a team that uses Team Manager, you need to export all of the athlete's times from Team Manager, send the resulting CL2 or zip file to support, and we'll import them.

Be aware that the times will not attach to your team, but the athlete will be able to view them, and they will be used for best times in meet entries. In addition, some reports have a Match ID# Only check box (see first article below) that will allow you to include results for your athletes, regardless of which team they competed on.

You can find all their results in their member profile.

  1. From the left navigation menu click Org or Team Tools > Members.

  2. Click the desired member's name.

  3. Click the BEST TIMES or MEET RESULTS tab.

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