In order to clone a registration that's tied to an event, the event must first be cloned.

  1. Navigate to Events & Competition > Team Events.

  2. If the event occurred in the past, click the Past & Archived tab and search for the event.

  3. Click the event, and click Edit.

    • There will be a "Register Online" button next to the Edit button, which indicates this event also has registration.

  4. Change the title, dates, and any other relevant details.

  5. When finished editing, click Save & Clone. Click YES to confirm.

  6. On the cloned event, click Edit.

  7. Under Team Event Signup / Register, click eReg Setup.

  8. Update the title, registration dates, and any other relevant details. Ensure that Turn on for Registration is set to YES.

  9. If you need to make any pricing changes, at the top of the screen, click the Fees Setup tab.

  10. When you've finished updating, scroll to the bottom of the screen, and click Save Changes.

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