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Mobile: How to Set Up Tablet for Kiosk Mode
Mobile: How to Set Up Tablet for Kiosk Mode
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Only Superusers can do this.

When you set your tablet (currently available on iPad only) to Kiosk Mode so that parents can check in with their kids, it is vitally important to secure it so that people can't use other apps or worse. There are two ways to do this.

You will need to load this help article on your computer or another device or print it, as you cannot completely follow it on your iPad.

Single App Mode (recommended)

It's highly recommended to set your tablet to single-app mode, as it is the most secure. Notes:

  • It's designed for it to be a dedicated Kiosk check-in device. You will be unable to use any other apps on it while in this mode.

  • It disables the power button, so you will need to either keep it plugged in or periodically recharge it.

  • It requires a Mac computer to set up.

  • Note that this procedure completely reformats the iPad.

  1. Connect iPad to Mac via a USB cable.

  2. Go to the home screen on the iPad, not SportsEngine Motion Mobile.

  3. Download Apple Configurator 2on a Mac and launch it (it does not exist for Windows).

  4. In the Configurator, right-click the iPad and select Advanced > Start Single App Mode...

    Start Single App Mode menu
  5. You will get a dialog saying the iPad is not supervised. Click Prepare.

    Click Prepare
  6. On the Prepare Devices screen, click Next.

    • Leave Prepare with set to Manual Configuration, and Allow devices to pair with other computers checked.

  7. On the Enroll in MDM Server screen, click Next.

    • Leave Server set to Do not enroll in MDM.

  8. On the Sign in to the Device Enrollment Program screen, click Skip.

    • Leave the Apple ID blank.

  9. On the Create an Organization screen, enter your organization's data, and click Next.

  10. On the next Create an Organization screen, select Generate a new supervision identity and click Next.

  11. On the Configure iOS Setup Assistant screen, click the Setup Assistant dropdown and select Show only some steps.

  12. Check these boxes: Language, Region, and Keyboards.

  13. Click Prepare.

  14. You will then need to enter your Mac password and click Update Settings.

    • If you have done this before, you will get an error that it has already been prepared. Click Erase to do it again, or Stop to exit.

  15. A dialog will say "Modifying Single App Mode on "<device name>." It will reformat the iPad, which will take several minutes.

  16. On the iPad, go through the setup steps.

  17. Launch the App Store and sign in with your Apple ID.

  18. Install the SportsEngine Motion Mobile app.

  19. Back on the Mac, in the Apple Configurator, scroll down through the apps and select SportsEngine Motion, then click Select App.

    1. If you do not see the app listed, click Cancel, right-click the iPad, select Advanced > Start Single App Mode, and then try step 18 again.

  20. Once the iPad launches, you may unplug the device if desired. Keep in mind that the power button will be disabled, so you will need to keep charging it.

  21. In the Mobile App, sign in.

  22. Tap > Kiosk Mode.

  23. Make sure to note the PIN.

    • If you forget, on the web, go to My Account > Account Info to view it.


To exit Single App Mode,

  1. Connect iPad to Mac via a USB cable.

  2. On the Mac, launch Apple Configurator 2.

  3. Right-click the iPad and select Advanced > Stop Single Access Mode.

  4. Once it completes the action, you will be able to use the iPad as normal.

To exit Kiosk mode in the Mobile app,

  1. Enter the PIN you used to enable Kiosk mode.


Guided Access Mode

Current as of iOS 12.4.1

Since this mode is less secure, it's recommended to use it only if you do not have access to a Mac computer. It is less secure because people can exit Kiosk mode if they can guess your passcode.

  1. From the iPad home screen, launch the Settings app.

  2. Tap General > Accessibility > Guided Access.

  3. Turn on Guided Access.

  4. Tap Passcode Settings > Set Guided Access Passcode.

  5. Enter and re-enter a passcode. This locks the device into the current app.

  6. Return to the home screen.

  7. Launch SportsEngine Motion Mobile app and sign in.

  8. Tap Kiosk Mode.

  9. Make sure to note the PIN.

    • If you forget, from the web, go to My Account > Account Info to view it.


  11. It will warn you that it's not configured to use Single App Mode. Tap Ignore & Continue.

  12. Select your location and tap DONE.

  13. Press home three times rapidly (triple "click" it). It will briefly display "Guided Access Started."

  14. Triple-click home again.

  15. Enter your passcode.

  16. In the lower-left, tap Options.

  17. Set the following options on and off.

    • Sleep/Wake Button: off

    • Volume Buttons: off

    • Motion: on (green)

    • Keyboards: on

    • Touch: on

    • Time Limit: off

  18. Tap outside of the settings, then in the upper right, tap Resume.

To exit guided access,

  1. Triple-click home.

  2. Enter your passcode.

  3. In the upper left, tap End.

  4. "Guided Access Ended" will briefly display.

To exit Kiosk mode in the Mobile App.

  1. Enter the PIN you used to enable Kiosk mode.


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