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How to Build Private Lessons
How to Build Private Lessons
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Double-check the Class Settings! Before building any class, double-check that Class Settings are filled out appropriately. This can be done by going from Classes > Class Admin > Settings.

Pro Tip: A great way to sort classes and help parents find what they're looking for is to create Programs and Sub-Programs. Including the words "Private Lesson" in the Program or Sub-Program also helps to direct new membership!


  • Program: Private Lessons

  • Sub-Program: Private Lessons with Sara

  • Class Title: Sara: May 1st - May 7th.

To set up your private lessons:

  1. In the left-hand navigation, click Classes > Class Admin > Classes.

  2. From the classes page, in the top right-hand corner click the green +New Class button.

Click the General tab to fill out basic information for your New Class.

  1. In the Add Class window, fill out the required information.

    • The class title should include the coach's name and the date range of the class (ex. Sara: May 1st - May 7th).

    • Options in drop-downs need to have been previously created within the Class Admin Settings tab before you can select them.

  2. Scroll down to select the agreements required for a private lesson.

  3. When finished, click Save & Continue to move on.

  1. Click the Class Date/Time Tab.

  2. Fill out all of the required fields with the date and time information for the private lesson.

    • NOTE: Enter information carefully to be sure that the settings are correct.

  3. When finished, click Save & Continue.

It's recommended that classes for Private Lesson registration run for a single week at a time.

  1. Click the Reg Slot & Instructors tab.

  2. Add a New Reg Slot for each day and time you will offer a Private Lesson.

  3. Set the Slot Limit to 1.

  4. Fill out the days and times the coach is available for private lessons during the week.

    • Each private lesson is a New Reg Slot line.

  5. When finished, click Save & Continue to move on.

Make sure Class Registration Notifications are enabled so that you or your instructors are ready for new registrants who've enrolled in a private lesson.

Click the Class Payment Plans tab:

It is recommended to create a Class Payment Plan for private lessons instead of offering a Discount.

  1. Click the green +New Payment Plan and name the plan accordingly. (Ex. Private Lessons with Sara)

  2. Choose the green +Payment Plan Item.

    • Fill out the "Charge Name", and choose whether the charge should recur or not.

      • If recurring, fill out the Charge Amount per athlete, the charge category, when the first charge should be when each installment is due, and if the charge should be prorated or not.

      • If non-recurring, fill out the charge category, the charge amount, when the charge is created, and when the payment is due.

  3. When finished, click Save Changes.

To save time, private lessons should be cloned instead of creating new ones each week.

Cloning the private lessons:

  1. From the class list, find the class you wish to copy and click the gear icon.

  2. Click the Save Change to a New Class (Clone) button.

  3. Click OK to proceed.

  4. Find the class that has been cloned and click the gear icon.

  5. Remove the "Clone" verbiage from the title and navigate through the tabs again to make any desired updates or changes.

  6. When finished, click Save & Close.

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