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How to Link/Unlink a Member on the USAS Roster
How to Link/Unlink a Member on the USAS Roster
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When a member is linked to a roster using a new ID, their new ID will be used on their profile, entries, and times.

When unlinking, the new ID defined in the Roster for meet results can be used instead of reverting back to the old ID, if desired.

  1. From the left navigation menu, click Org or Team Tools > USA Swimming Roster.

  2. If desired, use the search or the "Roster Member Status" to pull up members that need to be linked/unlinked.

  3. Using the Roster Member Linked column, click the link/unlink button.

    • To link - select the "TU Member" from the drop-down, and click Link.

    • To unlink - choose if you would like to unlink the member without updating the results, and click Confirm.

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