How to Create a New Costume
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  1. From the left navigation menu, click Classes > Class Admin.

  2. Find the class. If desired, use the search or select Past Classes from the "Active Class" dropdown.

  3. To the right of the "Class Title," click the gear icon.

  4. Click the Costumes tab. Your organization may have chosen a different term for this, e.g., Uniforms, Apparel, or Equipment.

  5. Click +New Costume.

  6. Enter the "Costume Name."

  7. Click Add New Vendor or select a "Vendor" from the dropdown menu.

  8. Navigate to the vendor's website on a separate browser tab or window. Navigate to the item you are adding to the costume. Right-click on the image of the item, and select Copy Image Address.

  9. While on the vendor's website, make a note of the "Item SKU."

    • SKU stands for 'stock keeping unit' and is unique to this item.

  10. Navigate back to the GoMotion browser tab you have left open.

  11. Right-click on the Costume Photo URL box, and click Paste.

  12. In the Item SKU box, enter the "Item SKU" that was noted in Step 9.

  13. In the ห†Color box, enter the "Color."

  14. In the Cost box, enter the cost of the item from the vendor.

  15. In the Price box, enter the price the item sells for.

  16. Select the "Gender" for this item in the Gender dropdown menu.

    • NOTE: for gender-neutral or all genders, select All.

  17. Click Save & Close.

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