How to Create a New Vendor
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  1. From the left navigation menu, click Classes > Class Admin.

  2. Click the Settings tab.

  3. Click the Costume Vendors tab.

  4. Click the +New Vendor button.

  5. Enter the "Vendor Name," "Contact Name," "Phone Number," "Email," "Website URL," "Size Chart Link," and the "Account Number." Additionally, add any relevant notes.

  6. Enter the information for sizing.

    • If needed, choose the auto-size measurement type that the auto-sizer will require. Use the dropdown menu.

    • The Auto-Sizer requires the "Min" and "Max" measurements for the selected measurement.

    • Girth/Torso is used to recommend a size that matches the measurement.

    • If there is more than one size that matches, the largest size is assigned. For example, if XXL Child, XS Adult, and S Adult all support a 57 girth, the Auto-Sizer assigns S Adult.

      Disclaimer: Since vendors can change size charts without notice, it's imperative to ensure the correct costume size is being ordered. We strive to keep sizing data accurate but are not responsible for costume orders.

  7. Click the +Size button to add a new size.

  8. Click Save.

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