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How to Assign a Class Costume to a Member
How to Assign a Class Costume to a Member
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  1. From the left navigation menu, click Classes > Class Admin.

  2. Find the class using the search or choose Past Classes from the Active Class dropdown.

  3. To the right of the class title, click the gear icon.

  4. Click the Costumes tab. Your organization may have chosen a different term for this, e.g., Uniforms, Apparel, or Equipment.

  5. Next to the costume item, click the Costume Assignment icon.

    • The list of members and their available information appears. If one gender was selected for this costume, only members of that gender appear.

  6. Member sizing can be added if needed. The auto-sizer shows the size for these measurements according to the vendor's size chart at the time of creating the vendor.

  7. If needed, override the auto-sizer, and use the Order Size box to enter a size manually.

    • If the overridden size seems incorrect with the measurements, a warning/caution message may appear to verify the change.

  8. If needed, add a Note. For example, if a member cannot attend the recital, a note can be used as a reminder not to order a costume for them.

  9. Select the members you wish to assign the costume item to by clicking the checkboxes in the Order column.

  10. Click Save.

Disclaimer: Since vendors can change size charts without notice, it's imperative to ensure the correct costume size is being ordered. We strive to keep sizing data accurate but are not responsible for costume orders.

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