Reg Slot & Instructors Tab

  1. *+ New Reg Slot: Add a new Registration Slot row for each day/time you offer this class. At least one registration slot is required.

    1. Example: I offer Kids Karate five different times during the week, I have five unique slot rows. If Kids Karate is required to attend two days a week, those times will be on the same Reg Slot row.

  2. *Slot Limit: Enter the max number of students who can sign up for this reg slot.

  3. Waitlist Limit: Maximum number of Members that can be on the waitlist per reg slot. (this option is only visible if you have turned waitlists on in the general tab)

  4. *Enter the time(s) the class meets in the correct column.

  5. Optionally select which instructors teach that time slot. This will allow them to take attendance via the mobile app.

  6. When finished, click Save & Continue.

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