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New CMS: How to Upgrade My Site
New CMS: How to Upgrade My Site
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This guide will walk you through upgrading your site from Chameleon, the old system, to the new Content Management System, or CMS*. The Google Chrome browser will give you the best experience when performing the upgrade.

If there are any user-defined pages (added by a team) or News articles that should be added/updated, do so before performing the following steps.

  1. Sign in to your site.

  2. If you have Google Analytics on your site,

    • In the side menu, click Team Admin > Website Design.

    • Click Website Layout Configuration.

    • Scroll to the bottom and copy the value in the Google Analytics Account Id field (select the value and press Ctrl+C on Windows or Command+C on a Mac). If the field is empty, you do not have Google Analytics installed.

  3. In the side menu, click Upgrade Your Site. (Note: You will click this same button to return to the new CMS in subsequent logins.)

  4. Click the different template thumbnails and then click Preview to see examples of each. Note: Some elements in the examples may differ from what you can actually accomplish due to evolving features.

  5. When you find one you like, select it and click START SETUP (you can later try other templates).

  6. The system will transfer as much of your content as possible from your current Chameleon website into our new CMS, including your News articles and user-defined pages.

  7. If you have Google Analytics on your site,

    • If the home page is not displayed, click Website Design in the side menu.

    • Click General Settings at the top.

    • At the bottom, click the cursor into the Account Id field and paste the value you copied in step 2c above (press Ctrl+V on Windows or Command+V on a Mac).

    • Click Save.

  8. When you sign out of your site, it will return to the current interface known as Chameleon. When you sign in again, click Upgrade Your Site to return to the new CMS.

Only Superusers can see your site while it is in "Sandbox Mode," allowing you to get it ready before publishing it.

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