1. Sign in to your team's TeamUnify website.

  2. In the side menu click Events & Competition > Team Events.

  3. Click your desired event’s Attend/Decline (or Edit Commitment) button.

  4. Click the name of the athlete whom you want to attend.

  5. Click the Declaration dropdown and click Yes, please sign [Name] up for this event (or No, thanks, [Name] will NOT attend this event, enter any Notes, and then click Save Changes).

  6. Enter any Notes you want the coach to see.

  7. If a team admin has allowed you to select events, check the boxes of the events you want your athlete to enter.

    • Red times indicate your athlete is not qualified to enter those events.

    • Events you choose are subject to coach approval.

  8. Otherwise, select which days and sessions your athlete will attend and a coach will then pick which events your athlete will enter.

    1. You may click a day/session button to see what events are scheduled.

  9. When finished, click Save Changes.

  10. Repeat for all other athletes you may have.

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