When you refund a credit card in Lessons you have the ability to refund a different card or refund using a different payment method such as check or cash.

We list one entry point to this process; see Refund check or credit card for additional ways.

  1. In the side menu click Team Admin > Lesson Admin.

  2. Click Acts/Revenue tab.

  3. Use filters and Search for an account if needed.

  4. Click the name of the desired account.

  5. Click the red CC Refund link under the CC amount to refund.

  6. Click the Manual CC Refund button.

  7. In the Step 1 field, enter your refund information such as the transaction ID# from processing it through a payment gateway, a Check #, etc.

    Manual CC Refund screen
  8. Enter the dollar amount(s) of the refund.

  9. Click Manual CC Refund NOW and OK to confirm.

  10. You can click links to send a refund email to the account (in which case you can review and modify the email, then click Email NOW) and return to the Manage screen.

As the note at the bottom says, you will need to manually issue the refund some other way if you haven't already. This method does NOT refund the original CC.

NOTE: You can issue a refund within 180-days of the transaction.

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