There are three ways to communicate using OnDeck —email, SMS (texting), and push notifications. You can do this in these modules:

  • Membership

    • Accounts, Members, and USA Swimming Registration

    • Billing

    • Birthday Tracker

  • Attendance

  • Job Manager

  • News (through external email program or other apps)

  • Upcoming Events

Only verified emails/SMS numbers will receive communications. OnDeck sends messages to the member AND the parent/guardian's account to make them aware of any messages that are being sent to their children. If a parent does not have a verified account, no messages will be sent.

  1. Tap Menu > Membership > Accounts/Members.

  2. Select one or more Accounts to message.

  3. Tap MESSAGE in the green bar at the bottom.

  4. Select any of the communication methods:

    • Email (address must be verified). In the above example, all three Accounts have verified emails.

    • SMS (number must be verified; the message is limited to 160 characters when using this method). In the above example, two of the three Accounts have verified SMS numbers.

    • Push Notification (user must have logged in to OnDeck and allowed push notifications). In the above example, all three Accounts are OnDeck users.


  6. Type in Your message to send, or choose a Canned Message.

  7. Tap SEND.

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