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Swim England: Mark/View Paid Registration Fees
Swim England: Mark/View Paid Registration Fees
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Note: This is for UK teams only.

Compare the date someone paid Swim England Registration Fees in Member Admin to tell who still needs to pay.

  1. Go to Swim England Registration.

  2. In the side menu, click Team Tools > SwimEngland Registration.

  3. If needed, click Customize Columns, add the ASA Amount Charged and ASA Inv Gen Date columns, and then click Done. Create a Saved View so you can quickly pull up the view in the future.

  4. You will now see the dates and amounts paid by those who have paid them.

  5. If you need to mark Members as paid and not just view them, select the Members who have paid their fees.

  6. Click Edit > Mark As Paid.

  7. Enter the date they paid the fee and click Save.

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