QuickBooks error line 6
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When I try to import an IIF file I get "Error line 6." How do I fix this?

The issue is a negative payment amount that your version of QB will not support. To find it,

  1. Click on Business Tools > Billing Manager > Payment Summary tab.

  2. Generate a report for the month of the IIF file you tried importing to QB

  3. Look in the refund column for a negative amount

So QB does not allow this amount to be negative; i.e., a negative payment. It's fine in SwimOffice but not QB. Did you write a refund check or was it a CC refund?

Did any of the IIF file go into your QB? If not the IFF file can be manually adjusted so it will import and you can manually enter in your refund amount on your QB side. Just email [email protected] with the details.

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