If your Chart of Accounts and QuickBooks did not match up, QuickBooks will put the Chart of Accounts as Bank instead of Income causing a negative dollar amount to appear.

To fix,

  1. In QuickBooks go to your Chart of Accounts.

  2. Right click on the CoA that is set as Bank.

  3. Change the first field from Bank to Income.

  4. If need be, check "Subaccount of" and select correct subaccount.

  5. Save Changes.

IF this is already a subaccount,

  1. You have to right click the CoA.

  2. Deselect the subaccount.

  3. Save Changes.

  4. Right click again.

  5. Change to Income.

  6. Select the correct subaccount.

  7. Save Changes.

Don't forget to figure out why the CoA did not match up. Usually it's a spelling error or it's a subaccount you did not correctly enter.

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