QuickBooks Error – you cannot have multiple AP or AR accounts (error varies) (SEE attachments for example of updated IIF for import)

If you get this error during an IIF upload it’s generally because you have labeled a Chart of Account with the name: Accounts Receivable.

  • Did the IIF only download the Deposit Amount? From Quickbooks, go to CoA > Accounts Receivable and locate the PYM type and the amounts that correspond with the month you are depositing. If you see these right click and delete all payment drops (you could have ACH/CC/Cash/Check so a total of four in this instance)

  • You must change this CoA on your TU side. Go to Business Tools > Billing Setup > CoA Setup. Click on the bad CoA and rename it to a proper CoA naming convention. Ensure you have the identical CoA on your QB side.

  • The IFF file cannot be regenerated. The IIF file is just a text-based file, you can open it up with a text program and locate the bad CoA and highlight and rename it. This will be in the second part of the file (the first part is your money deposit). Ensure you are locating the bad CoA and not the common word account receivable which is used for naming conventions in the file.

  • Save and re-import.

QB Correct

QB Incorrect

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