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Membership UK: DBS Check Date field
Membership UK: DBS Check Date field
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The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) helps organisations and employers make safer recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups, including children.

DBS do not make their checks compulsory. However, it is a condition of affiliation to the ASA (be it a club or other body that affiliates to the ASA) to accept our procedure that all helpers working closely with children or vulnerable adults and could find themselves in a one-one situation do complete the necessary checks. As a member of an affiliated club or other body, individual members are automatically bound under ASA Laws and Regulations to comply with the ASA’s DBS checking process BUT it is only required if an individual wants to take up a role which requires a DBS check. If an individual is unwilling to do so, they must not be used by the club in any position that places them in a position of trust with children.

See the Disclosure and Barring Service FAQ for more info.

DBS Check Date field

SwimOffice has a DBS Check Date field in each Member profile to list the last time someone had a DBS check performed. To access this,

  1. Click Team Tools > Members.

  2. Click a Member's name.

  3. Choose a date in the DBS Check Date field.

    Member profile with DBS Check Date field
  4. Click Save.

Note the date will never change until you change it again since it never expires, as the information on the Disclosure is a snap shot in time at the date that the checks were completed and must be seen as just one part of a safe recruitment process. The ASA recommends that clubs endeavour to get their volunteers re-checked every three years. It is advised to renew in the third year, rather than let it run out.

Best Practices

All individuals working with the team who are required to get a DBS check will need to be in SwimOffice as both an Account and Member since the DBS Check Date field is in Member profiles.

Consider adding one or more Squads and free Billing Groups called Adult, Coach, Volunteer or something similar to easily separate such people from the rest of the Members.

Use Customize Filters and Customize Columns to filter by and display the DBS field in the list of Members. You can also include the field when exporting to Excel.

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