Admin - Email/Print/Calendar (Superuser to edit members)

An email to Workforce Admin(s) is sent to let them know when any Workforce member safeguarding and DBS certifications are within 90, 60 or 30 days of expiring, or have expired.

Admins can also check the credentials of Workforce members by using filters and by editing individual members. First, go to Member Admin.

  • In the side menu click Team Tools > Members.

Filters to use

Click Customize Filters to access the following filters, then click Done when finished.

  • Workforce Courses β€” Select specific Courses on the right

  • Workforce DBS β€” Select DBS expiry dates on the right

  • Workforce Roles β€” Select specific Roles on the right

  • Workforce Safeguarding β€” Select Safeguarding expiry dates on the right

FYI, the DBS Check Date field is not part of Workforce.

Columns to view

Click Customize Columns, then drag and drop fields listed below from the left to the list on the right in the order you wish to view them in the member listing, then click Done when finished.

  • Courses

  • DBS

  • DBS Expiry

  • Roles

  • Safeguarding

  • Safeguarding Expiry

FYI, the DBS Check Date field is not part of Workforce.

Save the view

Once you have set your filters and columns, you can save the "view" to pull up again at any time.

  1. Click Saved Views.

  2. Give it a name reflective of the filters and columns you've set.

  3. Click Save View.

  4. Click Done.

  5. Whenever you return to Account/Member Admin and want to pull up that view again, click Saved Views, then click the view name you saved.

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