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Once you have designated someone as a Workforce member, you can add roles (job titles) and courses (training they have taken to perform that role), and upload certificates.

Add roles

  1. In the side menu click Team Tools > Members.

  2. Click the name (not the checkbox) of an existing Workforce member (see the first article below if needed).

  3. Scroll down to the Workforce area and click Add Role.

  4. Click in the ADD ROLE field and either select a role or start typing a role name. The list will narrow as you type.

    Add Role field
    • If the role does not exist, click Add this custom Role.

    • You may continue adding as many roles as you want.

  5. Click the checkmark when finished adding roles.

  6. You will now see the role(s) listed in grey bars, the grey indicating they are incomplete.

  7. Click a bar with a role to expand it.

  8. Select whether their role is Paid (default) or Volunteer.

  9. Fill in the Month/Year Role Commenced.

  10. The role bar will turn green, indicating it is complete. Click its Save icon.

    Role Save icon
  11. FYI, a role bar will turn red when any of its expiry dates have passed.

  12. You may exit the member screen, or continue to the next steps to add courses.

Add courses, upload certificates

  1. Click Add Course.

  2. Similar to adding a role, click in the ADD COURSE field and either select a course or start typing a course name.

  3. The role bar will turn grey again, indicating the role is incomplete.

  4. Fill in the dates and Swim England reference number.

    • If there is no Expiry Date, enter a date far into the future.

    • If there is no Reference number, enter N/A.

  5. If you have a certificate file for the course, click the upload icon, then navigate to the file and double-click it, or select it and click Open.

    • If there is no certificate for the course, download this no-certificate text file by clicking it and saving it to your computer, and then upload that.

    • Once uploaded, click the document icon to view it.

  6. If you filled in all the fields and uploaded certificate(s), the role bar will turn green again, indicating it is complete.

  7. Click the Save icon in the role bar.

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