Admin - Email/Print/Calendar AND Workforce Admin

Workforce members are paid or volunteer staff members for whom you would like to track their role(s), certifications, and courses they have taken. You can also monitor expiry dates for certifications or courses.

In the Member section of Account/Member Admin you will designate members as Workforce members. If there are members of your workforce who are not members of an account in the system please add them.

Assuming they exist as members,

  1. In the side menu click Team Tools > Members.

  2. Click the name (not the checkbox) of the member you want to make a Workforce member. If you do not see them, you will need to add them to the appropriate account in the Accounts tab. The account can be any admin level, including Not an Admin.

  3. As a best practice, we recommend setting their Squad (and possibly Billing Group) to something like Workforce (consider using more than one group to categorize different workers). This will allow you to set filters to find them all and message them easily. If groups like these do not exist, click the gear icon to the right of the group to add them.

    Squad, Location, Billing Setup
  4. Scroll down to the Workforce area and select Yes for the question, Is this member a volunteer or part of the workforce?

    Workforce section
  5. Fill in dates and reference numbers for the Safeguarding and DBS Check fields.

  6. Click the upload icon to upload certificate files for Safeguarding and/or DBS Check. Once uploaded, click the document icon to view it.

    • If there are no certificates, download this no-certificate text file by clicking it and saving it to your computer, and then upload that.

  7. You may optionally add roles and courses (see first article below).

  8. Click Save when finished.

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