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A fantastic built-in tool called Social Feed not only has a feed similar to Twitter, but also lets you post to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all at once! Read how to set up Social Feed.

If you still want to add a Twitter feed to your website, follow these steps.

Step 1. Add Twitter feed to a page

  1. In the side menu click Website Design.

  2. If you want it on another page, click the page name in the site navigation.

  3. Click the Layout Section overlay in which you want to add the feed.

  4. Click Select component(s) to add.

  5. Click the Twitter Timeline checkbox and then click Select.

  6. If desired, drag and drop the Twitter Timeline component where you want it in the layout section.

  7. Click Save.

Step 2. Configure the Twitter component

  1. Hover over the area with the Twitter Timeline until the overlay appears and click it.

  2. Fill in your Twitter handle.

    Twitter Timeline Setting
  3. If you leave the Width and Height blank, it will default to the width of the sub-section it is in and possibly a giant height, so you may need to play around with different values. If you enter a Width less than the sub-section width, it will center within it.

  4. Go with the default Light theme or select the Dark theme.

  5. Optionally change the Link Color and Language.

  6. Click Save.

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