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When you access the Timer Settings screen (accessible either when you initially click Enter Results, or by clicking Timer Settings on the Enter Results screen), there is a Timer Adjustments Rules Preference dropdown. Choose one of two settings:

  • FINA/USA rules (Does not use average differential between pads and backup times)

  • NCAA/Other rules (Uses average differential between pads and backup times)

Timer Settings

This setting comes into play when accessing backup times by clicking Edit Time Adjustments (F12) or pressing F12. The below screenshots show what the times look like on that screen under both settings.

When using FINA/USA Swimming rules,

Backup times using FINA/USA rules
  • An average differential between pads and backup times is not used.

  • DELTA column is removed (unless Failed Heat is checked).

  • Suggested column time is official button time (Average B).

  • Report generated by Preview or Print buttons shows FINA/USA calculated times. (Note: Report shows deltas if it is a Failed Heat.)

When using NCAA/Other rules,

Backup times using NCAA rules
  • Lanes in which average button (Average B) time differs from the Pad/Primary time by 0.3 seconds or more may be adjusted according to the NCAA rules.

  • DELTA column shows the difference between Average B and Pad/Primary times. In other words, Button time minus Primary time.

  • Suggested column is the calculated time TouchPad suggests to use as the official time. It averages all the "good" delta times (those 0.29 seconds and less) and subtracts the number from each "bad" Average B time (those differing by 0.3 seconds or more from the Primary time). In the above example, add the good delta times: .06+.13+.15-.01+.09=0.42. Average is .08. In lane 7, 2:46.75-0.08=2:46.67 for Suggested time.

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