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NOTE: TOUCHPAD MEETS ONLY! This will not show any meets currently running on different software including HyTek's Meet Managerâ„¢. If you are interested in obtaining TeamUnify's meet management software, TouchPad, please contact [email protected]. It's free for all TeamUnify teams.

TouchPad meets are synced directly to SwimOffice sites for live results on meet day. To turn on:

Global setting (all meets will show)

  1. Click Events & Competition > TouchPad Live in the side menu. If you want to add a command button to the home page,

  2. In the side menu, click Website Design.

  3. Click the Command Buttons overlay.

  4. Click + Add Button.

  5. In the Button Text field, enter TouchPad Live.

  6. You may right-click the below image, save it, and upload it to the Thumbnail Photo field.

  7. In the On Click Link to the field, enter

  8. Under Open Link in, click New Window.

  9. When finished, click Save.

  10. Click Close.

Meet by Meet Setting (hide & show)

  1. In the side menu, click Events & Competition > TouchPad Meet Admin.

  2. Select those meets to hide and click Hide. To show again select those meets and click Show.

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