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TouchPad allows you to alternate between the heats of two different events. This is often done in an event like a 1500 meter. You could run event 6, heat 1, then event 7, heat 1, then event 6, heat 2, and so on.

In order to have a pair of events alternate, these event details must match in both:

  • ROUNDS Description


All other details can be different, even the sessions.

To alternate two events, on the Events screen double click in the ALT.HT cell of one event and type the other event number to alternate with. To use our example, in the event 6 row, double click in the ALT.HT cell and type 7. This will automatically put 5 in the ALT.HT cell of event 7. Heats for these events will be alternated when printing heat sheets.

When entering results, these events will still show as two separate events, so either process one event (perhaps races 3, 5, 7 if using electronic timing) and then process the other (perhaps races 2, 4, 6), or else move back and forth between the two events until all results are entered.

Important: Although you can have non-sequential alternating events, such as events 1 and 5, if you print heat sheets for a range of events like 1-10, you won't see the events between those two alternates; 2-4 in this case. Therefore TeamUnify recommends alternating only sequential events such as events 4 and 5. The workaround if you choose to have non-sequential alternates is to print heat sheets separately for the range between them; again, 2-4 if you alternated events 1 and 5.

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