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If the meet is currently live, you MUST add an athlete following these steps. Do not add them in Athlete Entries.

  1. Click Enter Results.

  2. If the "Entering Meet results" dialog appears for electronic timer selection, make any needed selections and click OK.

  3. Select the event into which to add an athlete.

  4. If the athlete is already in a roster in this meet,

    1. Click Insert Athlete (1) (in meet already).

      Insert Athlete buttons
    2. Drag and drop an athlete from the right into an empty slot on the left.

    3. Click Close Insert.

  5. If the athlete does not exist in a roster in this meet,

    1. Click the cursor into an empty slot in the Time column.

    2. Click Insert Athlete (2) (not in meet yet).

      Insert Athlete buttons
    3. Fill the information in for a new athlete.

    4. If you have more than one to enter, click Next Lane (another).

    5. Once you have finished entering the athlete(s) click OK (finished).

      New Athlete dialog
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