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Multiple Division Scoring allows you to set up your teams to only score against each other. You then have two options you can choose:

Method 1 - simply adds the points earned by each team in each vision and presents the scoring order for each division.

Method 2 - This will score the teams selected and ignore all other scores applied to the other teams which will then allow athletes to receive those scores instead; basically replacing the other teams' athletes that received them.

  1. Click Score.

  2. Select Multiple Division Scoring.

  3. Select Setup Scoring Divisions.

  4. Select the radio button 'Active Division'.

  5. Double-click the Teams in the Meet to push them to the active division.

  6. Give the active division a name.

  7. Continue selecting the active division radio button for each division created.

  8. Select your Method (1 or 2 see above for an explanation).

  9. Select OK.

  10. Select your Score Type > Team or Individual > Breakdown by Age Group and Score options.

  11. Select Score/Preview/Print to implement selections.

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